My history:

Young TomI have been interested in photography for over 45 years. I started in High School in 1962. After serving in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War (1963-1967) I attended college in the San Fernando Valley, California, taking advertising design and photography.  From  1970 to 1980 I had a photography business in the San Fernando Valley area.

Knowing my love for the photography field, my mother and father gave me numbers of photographs and glass negatives of their families. Not knowing who these family members were, I started questioning my parents. Photo by photo, asking the names of the people in the photographs. This got me very interested in my ancestry and collecting old photographs. As the years went on I would search antique stores and yard sales purchasing photographs and old negatives. As my collections grew, I would fill out a 3 x 5 card to develop some type of filing system.  My 3 x 5 cards had data, such as; surname, first name, town, city, state, subject matter, male, female, family, child, scene, etc... As personal computers became affordable, I started converting my 3 x 5 cards to a database file.

Collecting photographs is my passion!  To find an old photograph and finding a family member that has never seen or did not know that the photograph existed, makes me feel it is all worth the time and money.

I have put in long hours compiling a database that could help you in your search.  I have spent 35 years building a collection of historical photographs, and have made a point of making the collection more useful by organizing it, identifying as many people as possible, and compiling a database so that each person in every photo can be the subject of a successful search.

This collection is of average families, farmer’s, factory workers common people just like you and me. 
If you would like a copy of my database e-mail me at and I will send it FREE TO YOU E MAIL ADDRESS IN EXCEL FORMAT.

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